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A little bit about us..

We are your traditional local Barber Shop

with a 'Shear Agony' Flair...


This Nanaimo Barber shop is an electric montage of character created by owner Alan Bethell's career in barbering spanning over five decades. Established in 2005 as an off spring of Terminal Park Barbershop we offer an old school approach in barbering and it is a true mens club. At the same time appealing to women, and families, young an old alike.

There really are no words to describe Shear Agony other than come check it out for yourself. Named for the famous Norman Rockwell drawing of a boy getting his haircut, it truly is Shear Agony through a vision created by an eccentric man. Although the decor might be a bit crazy its an easy going atmosphere with a little banter, a place that you will want to come to again and again.


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